Worst product ever

Never stays connected… and I mean never!!! I have a strong connection have it sitting right by my Wi-Fi move it to the place I have it screwed to which is outside about 20 feet from my Wi-Fi still listed as strong connection… connects for about 3 seconds and then disconnects every single time and I have tried every solution in this forum to no avail… it’s just a bad product and right now it just a really expensive bird feeder… I don’t recommend this to anyone I know…

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I’m actually embarrassed to talk about this product with anyone I know. However, I will not let anyone else I know make the same mistake either.

Except for last week’s server issue, I’ve had zero problems with it. Connects easy, stays connected. Do you have some kind of firewall on your router?

The battery life is also terrible so much so that I purchased the solar panel now the battery stays charged but still will not connect ever! Anyway I removed the camera, and I modified the opening placed a Ring battery cam in there and attached the solar panel to it and it actually works very well now using the Ring app.

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Juliah - Considering the type and amount of information we transmit online and the relentlessness of hackers, if you don’t have a protected WiFi your a tragedy waiting to happen. It’s hard to fathom that netvue didn’t consider the possibility of protected Internet connections in their development, they are supposed to be a home security company.

Sorry for the late reply.
Please find our customer service via live chat or email in Netvue APP, or you can directly send an email to support@netvue.com, our agent will help you to address the issue.

I had a significant amount of connectivity problems in the beginning, and it turned out to be my sd card. If you have one, remove it and things will get a lot better