I’m switching 3 of my cameras (Sentry Pro) from WIFI to a wired ethernet connection. I’ve tried multiple times but they keep insisting on connecting via WIFI. How can I correct this??

Hi, Kelly,
Please do not worry If you are worried about the unstable transmission of wifi. If the device is connected to wifi and ethernet cable at the same time, the ethernet cable will be used first.
If you want to clear the wifi connection, please long press the reset button for 10 seconds.


Thank you!! That worked!!:+1:t3: In addition… I also had to UNPLUG the power cord for about 5 seconds… AFTER holding the reset button for 10.

Thanks AGAIN!!:+1:t3::+1:t3:

Je pense qu’il vous faut faire un reset (appuyer durant quelques secondes et installer la caméra en foliaire. Même si elle se connecte en wifi elle ira sur le filiaire au besoin.

Yes… thank you. That’s what it needed. But it took a LONG hold of the reset button. 10+ seconds.:grinning:

Good morning / Buenos días

Tengo el mismo problema, solo reconoce la conexión wifi y la conexion ethernet no funciona.

I have the same problem, it only recognizes the wifi connection and the ethernet connection does not work