Wifi issues wont stay on

I have excellent wifi and the camera goes off line everyday, this is very annoying

Hi friend,

Thanks for sharing this.

We have forwarded this to our customer support team and they will get in touch with you soon for further solutions.

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Netvue Marketing Team

I have the same issue. The power needs rebooted to refresh. This is difficult as two of my cameras are hard wired in the attic. I have to toggle the breaker to keep from getting in the attic.

I am getting the same issue on two of my external cameras. According to the Netvue App I have excellent WIFI connectivity, yet I am having to reboot the cameras each day as the live view will not load up. This is slightly concerning, however what concerns me even more is that this is probably causing issues with motion detection, and therefore defeats the object of having security cameras. I pay for Cloud Storage and am starting to wonder why am I bothering.

Agreed its ridiculous. I need it for my crazy neighbor who sneaks up to the property line and terrorizes us. I have excellent wifi too and boosters.

That is horrific! Netvue, take note of the above comment, people are relying on your service to keep them safe. I am aware that the cameras we use are not at the high end of the market, however is it too much to ask for them to actually work for at least a 24hr period. This is clearly not an isolated issue, and although I am fortunate that I use my cameras for just a deterrent, there are people like the above person who rely on them working for their safety. Could you give us some feedback on how this issue will be resolved and a timescale of resolving it please.