Where is the documentation?

Where is a full set of documentation that includes the camera setup and the feeder set up and assembly? In hard copy or PDF. I don’t want an app, I don’t want to be an influencer, I don’t want to join a community, I just want written information that is usable.

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Hi, there,

  • Before setting up
  1. Download Netvue APP and make sure it has been updated to the latest version, and then sign up for a Netvue account.

  2. Fully charge your camera before setting it up the first time. This can take up to 14 hours. Once fully charged, the indicator light will switch from solid yellow to solid green.

  • Make the camera enter QR code scanning mode
  1. Press and hold the camera power button for about 3s to turn it on. When it is on, you can hear a startup sound and see the blue light on.

  2. Confirm the camera enters the scanning mode: when the camera is in the scanning mode, you will hear a repeated “Ding Dong Ding Dong” sound and see the flashing blue light at the same time.

Usually, the camera without network configuration can get into the scanning mode automatically after it is turned on. If it fails to enter the scanning mode automatically, you can double-click the camera power button to manually make it enter the scanning mode.

  • Prepare Wi-Fi network QR code using the Netvue app
  1. Open the Netvue app, tap + plus icon on the top right and then tap Add a new camera.

  1. Follow the prompts until you enter Select Wi-Fi for the camera screen.

  1. Select Wi-Fi, or manually enter the name of your Wi-Fi, and then enter the password of the Wi-Fi to generate the WiFi network QR code.

Please note that the camera only supports 2.4G Wi-Fi.

  • Take the camera to scan the generated QR code

Take the camera to scan the generated QR code. If the camera successfully scans the QR code, it will make a beep sound Ding.

Please make sure the camera lens is clean.

The QR code should be 6~12 inches in front of the camera. You can slowly move the camera back and forth to adjust the distance to get the best focus.

Please do it in an environment that is not too bright or too dark.

  • Name the camera and set a location for the camera

Name your camera and choose/add/edit the location where your camera will be installed.

I’m currently charging my birdhouse for the first time. It’s been charging for about 24 hours but I can’t tell what color the light is. It looks like a green light and red light are both lit up, just very close together. Is that how it shows a “yellow” light, by using the green and red together? It should be charged at this point.

There are 2 situations related to the charging problem, troubleshooting is below:
A. Camera works with the wall charger but no solar panel:
Please confirm whether the solar panel is well connected and can receive sufficient sunlight, and make sure the temperature range of the camera when charging is 0~40°. If it does not work, please use a wall charger to charge the camera first, then connect it to the solar panel after fully charging and continue to observe. We will replace the solar panel for you if nothing works.

B. Camera does not charge with a wall charger:

  1. If the Type-C port on the back cannot be charged, connect the camera’s top USB port directly to a wall charger and check if it can be charged normally.
  2. Please make sure the specification of the charger is 5V/1.5A or above, try to use another charger or cable.
  3. Pay attention to the status of the indicator light during charging. The status of the charging indicator light should be a constant yellow light, it will turn green when fully charged.
    If the indicator light is not on when charging, please push the P button next to the power button and pay attention to the camera’s status. If it can be restarted normally, charge the camera after restarting.

If nothing works, please send an email to support@netvue.com with your order information and your shipping address, we will send you a new camera soon.


None of this is responsive to the fact that the camera doesn’t ship with documentation.

Dear valued user,
Sorry that there is no user guide coming with your camera.
An email has been sent to you, kindly check your email later.


I would like an email with documentation as well.

Thank you,

Dear valued user,

An email has been sent to you, kindly check your email later.