What's the secret to contacting Netvue?

I have an account set up with Netvue. I can log in and see 3 of my 10 Netvue cameras in my device list (why I can’t see the others is still a mystery to me).

I can post to the forum while logged in (as I’m doing now).

When I click on “support” it takes me to a page that does not have me logged in, and when I try to log in on that page, it tells me that the username and password combination that I used is incorrect.

This is, of course, the same username and password that got me logged in on the previous page.

Is there some secret way to be able to contact Netvue?

Hi, there,
Sorry for the late reply.
Sorry to tell you that only part of cameras can be viewed on PC now, we are still working on other cameras.