Web Playing, Now Available!

Netvue has released a Pro Series Cameras that supports web live video.

Netvue Now Supports All Platforms Live Video: :100:
Smartphone | Tablet | Computer | Apple Watch | Amazon Alexa

Q: How to access web playing?
A: Enter website: my.netvue.com on your phone, tablet or computer, then you can watch the live video.

Q: Does any Netvue product support web playing?
A: Currently, only Pro Series Cameras support this feature, include:

Q: Does web player support 2-way audio?
A: Yes.

Q: Does web player support replay and event list?
A: Not supported currently, these features are under development.

Q: What are the other advantages of Pro Series?
A: This product has been upgraded in all aspects, and

  • Higher definition, higher image quality
    with 2304*1296P & smart HDR & Upgraded ISP. Learn More>>

  • Support 2-way communication on Amazon Alexa. You can not only listen and watch, but also speak through Alexa.

  • Double Recording Time to SD Cards under the same bit rate and resolution.
    Pro series cameras come equipped with this H.265 video compression technology, which enables much faster and more smooth live streaming without any latency by consuming less bandwidth. Learn More>>

  • Hands-Free Real-Time Response
    For other products, you have to hold button to talk, for pro series, you can talk directly with hands free.

Learn More about the pro series difference>>

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