Weak signal even with camera close to router

I have had my Birdfy camera for about 2 weeks now. The signal is weak with the camera just outside my sliding glass door about 12 feet away from my router. When I bring the camera inside my house and set it one foot away from the router and the signal never gets higher than medium. I can position the router in front of the opened door 15 feet away from the camera and the signal is weak.
Trying the solve the weak signal problem I purchased a signal booster. It didn’t work so I took it back. I rewired my coax to have an access point next to my deck where the bird camera is installed and purchased a $200 modem. The signal didn’t change, still weak.
Anyone have suggestions?


Thanks for sharing this!

Please contact this email: support@netvue.com and let them know your low signal issue, we will manage the return and send you a replacement.

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I decided to test the WiFi signal using my Ring camera placing it in the same location under identical conditions. The signal level as detected by the Ring camera has a value of RSSI -65 which is very good. The Birdfy camera just says the signal is WEAK. I have not been contacted by Netvue authorizing a return of the product. Something is obviously wrong with the Birdfy camera.