Warranty help! 4dedcf8cf611434f

I have a ptz camera, only 6 months old, it is faulty, night vision no longer works.
The infra-red lights glow, and are picked up by adjacent cameras.
I first reported the fault 29th June 2021, I had a reply from Sofia, who was going to check the camera, despite repeated emails, Sofia has not answered.
Fault# 4dedcf8cf611434f
Please help.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your feedback.

We have forwarded your request to our customer support team. We apologize for the late response. Our customer support team will be reaching out to you pretty soon to follow up on your question.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.

Netvue Marketing Team

Hi Peter,
I too have several of the 1080 ptz orb cameras in my home for approximately 8-10 months now, and I did experience the same problem you’re describing on 2 of my cameras with the night vision a few times. After much troubleshooting, checking firmware up to date, app up to date, restarting cameras, verifying correct settings in the app, etc, etc, I coincidently just changed the night vision setting via the Netvue App (example: if night vision set to AUTO then I changed it to ALWAYS DAY, waited a few moments to definitely allow for time to refresh camera, app, etc as I know almost everything first goes through Netvue servers before we actually see it via the app (according to customer service anyways), then restarted the 2 cameras and changed it back to AUTO and my night vision was working again! Maybe you have done this already and hope you don’t mind I chimed in, but I know how frustrating it is when I experience problems with my camera and would gladly welcome a possible solution from anyone. In my case, it always seems that the problems occur when I really need access to the saved video footage the most :pensive: Hope this helps, and good luck to you!

Hi Feline

My problem was sorted :+1:
There was a plant, Cornus, growing beneath the camera, it had a growth spurt and several leaves were in front of the camera lens, at night, when the infra red lamps switched on, the leaves reflected the infra red light into the camera iris, and the iris compensated and closed, making the image black.
I have pruned back some of the leaves, and angled the camera further away from the plants.