Vigil pro & NI 1901 connection issues

I taken a video of setup

They will not allow me to post

I have 4 cameras that will not connect 2 x NI-1901
2 X Vigil pro

All with same issues plays ding dong then happy music straight away then never connects router show connected

I have one other NI 1901 connect Orb Cam and Indoor cam all working

Is there a max amount of cameras Netvue supports

Hi Sir,

So sorry for the delay in support.

We would recommend you to

  1. Check on your network setting. Please make sure that your network Wi-Fi is 2.4G rather than 5G. This might be the main issue that your device is not able to get connected to.
  2. After checking, if your device is still having a hard time getting online. We would highly recommend you to get in touch with our customer support team for further solutions. You could reach them via or instant message them on

Hope this helps.

Netvue Marketing Team