Vigil Camera motion detection not working

Owned a few weeks. Vigil outside and an orb inside. Orb is fine day and night, and sends motion detection day and night and records to SD card fine.

Vigil only sends notifications at night. Only when there is rain or lights go on and off (security light, house lights etc).

Have tried restarting, sensitivity settings. Does nothing.

Stuck for ideas. Is it faulty?


Hi Nathan,

access your Netvue App - device setting - motion detection - motion time, and check if you have set a detection schedule.

Have a nice day!

bonjour, j 'ai le meme probleme, sur 3 cameras, deux indoor et une outdoor. pas de solution avec assistance. j attends reponse technicien

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Thanks for the feedback. We have replied you in your discussion forums. Hope it will be helpful for your situation.

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