View Sentry 2 and Orb Cam video on Alexa Echo Show located in a different place

Hello, I would like to have an information before buying two products: Sentry 2 and Orb Cam.
I try to explain my problem. In house A I would like to install the two cameras and connect them to the network of that house, obviously in that house and on that same network there will be an echo show 8 that will allow me to view the cameras when required. So far there should be no problems.
But I also have a house B, far from house A, with a different internet connection in which I have installed another Echo show 8. If I use the same account that I use on the Echo show 8 in house A, can I see live images from the cameras on Echo show 8 in house B?
2 houses, 2 different internet connections, with 2 echoes with the same account. can i see the images on both echoes?
thank you for your answers.

Hi friend,

Thanks for letting us know your question.

You cannot see it on different echoes.
If you have any questions about our camera, please feel free to ask.

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Hi, you can view cameras through any internet connection anywhere on echo show. But i’m not sure does Alexa allow you to login same account on both echo shows at the same time. If yes, there’s no problem for you.