Video List Error Reconnect

Our Netvue Birdfy stopped recording a couple of weeks ago. I took the Sandisk card out, thinking it must be full. I was able to access the card on my PC. Card was only about 25% full. I moved all the existing videos from the SD card to my PC, thus emptying the card. I replaced the card in the Birdfy camera. I was able to format the card via the Netvue app. Card displays correct size in the app. App says SD Card Video is off. When I click on the message, I get “Get Video list error” and Reconnect in a green box.

I’ve turned the camera off and back on several times. Any ideas?

Yep. I didn’t take the card out - it worked like a charm for months but stopped working. I saw that the SD card was full, so I re-formatted it. Then I began getting the message you mention (Get Video list error). Several mentions in this forum, but I couldn’t find a resolution. Then, voila!, it started working again. If someone could explain what causes this error message it would be easier to address.


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