Video length upgrade not working

Received the email from Netvue that they did a FREE upgrade to the video setting of 10 seconds to 20 seconds. Stated the upgrade is supposed to be automatic to the Birdfy Feeders. I’ve reset my feeder camera. Reset the app and my phone…still only 10 second videos??? Is this upgrade working for anyone else?? Btw - I do not have the cloud subscription, so as per their email, I would not have to do anything for the upgrade.

I am the same still 10 seconds only

I communicated with Netvue about it. Had to send them my serial number- via live chat. They escalated the situation and said they will get back to me asap. But, apparently it is not just my camera being that you have the same issue.

I am also still only getting 10 second recordings

Not that its helps you, but mine is now 20s. It just magically worked.

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Did you have to do anything?

Mine is still at only 10 seconds :unamused:

You actually have to go into the Motion Detection settings on the app and change the duration to 20 seconds.

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I went thru all options in my app several times - don-t have an option in my settings for changing the video duration???

It’s in the section called Motion Detection. It’s got a picture of a little guy running.

I do not have that option…do you have the event recording subscription?? I do not. 20 second video was already an option if you bought that subscription. If you do have the subscription- you SHOULD now have the option to go to 30 seconds

No I have no subscriptions.

That is the only options I have under the motion detection??? See picture I just sent ya.

Mine looks like this:

What the heck??? I just made sure my firmware was to up to date and it is.

My Birdfy camera does not have thos option either. Guessing this available only with a cloud subscription. If recording to SD card user should be able to set the duration to what they want. Was given this as a gift from my kids. My opinion is this company uses the software limitations as a scam to get subscription payments. This is crap!

Mine went to 20 overnight.

Same here - started at 16, but now at 20.