Updates auto or not?

Do these cameras update automatically? I see my questions have been flagged and removed because I have mentioned the severe lack of product quality and customer service. I guess the truth hurts more than the desire to satisfy customers. All of my notifications and recordings have been deleted without my knowledge twice in two weeks… This is very frustrating as everytime I have tried to use my cameras and the “stored” videos to assist Law Enforcement, I always have problems and nothing works like it should.

So Netvue, can you assist with all my notifications disappearing, the fact that when my cameras detect motion and begin to record they actually achieve the opposite. When the motion is detected, their is no video or images, and all footage from the time the motion was detected till roughly three minutes later is non existent. What to do? If you read my previous questions you will see that I am already not satisfied with your product, this is my last effort to fix this before I switch camera systems. It is embarrassing to say that I have footage and/or images of said events, then go to show Law Enforcement only to realize the cameras and storage I pay $189/yr for doesn’t work unless you don’t need it, then it works fine. If you can improve your products and customer service, then maybe I will actually tell people what camera system I have rather than recommend the better products and service offered by your competitors.

Also, why won’t my system automatically send me any notifications until I open the app and view the cameras?

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Hi friend,

Thank you so much for your question. We really appreciate all your support in the update process.

From your description, here is what we think has been happening with your device. You may have set up the “Alert Setting” incorrectly and that’s what led you to not receive any notifications.

In the Setting of your Netvue app, if you go to “General”, then you will see the “Alert Setting”. This is the setting for your Netvue devices to send you the alert.

  1. The first option “Motion Alert”: in order to receive the alert from your Netvue app, you will need to turn this on.
  2. The second option “Motion Alert Filter”: it is a feature for you to decide whether you would want to turn on the alert filter or not. If you do not turn it on at all, you will receive all types of motion alerts. If you turn it on, then please make sure you have also set up the following options with the types of motions that you would like to receive.
  • “Other Motions” refers to all types of motions rather than the following options.
  • “Humans” refers to receiving human-related alerts only. Please note this option will only work properly when you have subscribed to the Human Detection plan.
  • “Pets”, “Animals”, “Vehicles”, “Packages”, “Birds” refer to the new feature which will be launching soon in the near future, similar to the Human Detection plan. You will also need a subscription to receive these types of alerts properly.

Please kindly check on the “Alert Setting” in your Netvue devices and see if the notification starts to work after you set it up following the instruction.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to type here or email us via hi@netvue.com if you have any further questions.

Netvue Marketing Team

This is an absolute rip off! What a scam… “I’m with Netvue support and I’m here to help, but first you need to subscribe for and pay more for options that should come standard…” your garbage product and service doesn’t compare to your competitors. But, you have done a great job of making sure I tell anyone who asks about my cameras, not to buy Netvue, I know where I’m spending my money next, after canceling Netvue.

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