Trying to update Wi-Fi on Birdfy Camera - QR Code won't read

I’m trying to update the wifi on my Birdfy Camera and can do everything successfully on the app to create the QR code which the Birdfy camera must read. At this point it never reads the QR code to update it to the new wifi (I can see the QR code clearly on my phone so I know its in view). I have made sure all the brightness is up, it is not on dark mode (per some other posts) but yet it still doesn’t register the QR code. This is quite frustrating as I’ve followed all the guidance I could find (distance, lighting, etc.).

I just had the same issue. When the birdfy tells you that it didn’t scan and then gives you the “list” Click on the last option “no tone”. It then tells you to find the QR code on the birdfy (mine was located on the bottom of the camera.) Click on the “scan now” button. A greenish-blue scan light will start to scan. Hold that up to the QR on the bottom of the birdfy. It then forces the camera to go into “scan mode”. It starts to chime. Then try the whole Wi-Fi set up again while the camera is chiming. It does still take a try or two but FINALLY got it to work.
Hope this was helpful.

I tried many times to read QR code outside while feeder attached to pole. It was a sunny day and likely the sun on my phone screen prevented the reading. I took the feeder down and brought inside out of the sun, QR code read right away! Very happy now. :wink: