My orb has been working great up until now. I was trying to check on my kid when it says I’m offline. This has happened but I’ve resolved by disconnecting and reconnecting or reinstalling my camera. Now I can’t even log into my internet. I went on chat and the lady assured me that the technical issue was on their end and it would be resolved within two hours. It’s been three since and still nothing. I did get it to connect for about a minute and once it was connected, my pan buttons weren’t working…. HELP!!! :sweat:

Hi friend,

Our customer support team will reach out to you for further solutions.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.

Netvue Marketing Team

Hello @netvue ! I'm not a new user I've been with you guys about 5 years! I'm a happy faithful customer.

Unfortunately I’ve come into a problem. I’ve been away from home for an extended period of time and was not able to update my camera in my bedroom. So I follow the procedure to update the firmware and it did not work. I checked the internet connection and it was at 98% which was excellent. I did restarted the camera & my phone to then try to update the firmware again and it continued to say "I’m not I’m having network/connection issues.
I’m not on 5G and my Wi-Fi and the camera is on the same connection I’m not quite 6916483411902383e what’s going on however I would like to resolve this issue quickly since I am going to be heading away for a couple days and would love to have eyes on my room.

My device ID is 6916483411902383 and my last update is 1606 and I realize we’re at 1636. PLEASE HELP ME!

Hi friend,

Thank you so much for your support since 5 years ago.

We have re-sent the upgrade request to your device. Please check and try again to see if it starts to work.

Netvue Marketing Team