Too much alerts

I am receiving a lot of alerts from my camera and there is nothing on the pictures there. I moved the level of sensibility to the minimum but i still receive alerts. This camera is installed in a corridor where nobody is passing as the house is closed when we are away. Can it be associated with light variations during the day ? Thanks in advance for your support

Hi friend,

Thanks for sharing your product feedback.

The basic logic of the motion detection feature is when the recording field has a shape change, a motion is detected. In your description, the variations of light are difficult to define whether or not there is a shape change of the image/videos.

We will take this into consideration for our future product development. At this moment, the best way is to try to 1) change the cool-down period and see if the wrong alerts amount will be decreased; 2) turn off the motion detection field that happens with light variations.

Hope this helps. Thanks for your patience and all your time.

Netvue Marketing Team