Timeline in replay

Is there anyway to see, when I click on replay, when the motion is at what time? When I go into replay all I see is the timeline, but no tick marks to show there was movement detected from 11:01:05-11:05:09, e.g. so, I have to guess when I might have movement based on what my other cameras (diff makes) say. (This is on SD card not on cloud)

Hi Hookette,

Thanks for posting your question.

You should be able to view all the motions that happened by clicking the bell sign on the page of my devices in your Netvue app. If your device doesn’t work as above, please email us via hi@netvue.com with some screenshots that could better illustrate the issue.

Thanks so much for your patience and support.

Netvue Marketing Team

Yes the motion detection (movements) are recordered with date and time. Furthermore, it shows the time of the movement in each notification sent to mobile devices. Are you by any chance signed up to receive notifications on your phone or mobile device that you have the Netvue app installed on? The notifications and motion detection features both work wonderfully, even when it shows in Netvue app Wi-Fi analysis menu that I have poor WiFi signal for a few of my Netvue Cameras (which I don’t), I still receive all motion detection alerts on my phone with no trouble what so ever, and I too use just micro SD cards (128 gb each). I love that it allows you to go back thru the entire list of motion detection recordings allowing you to see the list of recordings in chronological order by date and time. Hope this helps.