The last of my NetVue devices has bit the dust!

My VueBell, which I’ve had a few years, suddenly bit the dust at the beginning of the week!
I tried an alternative PSU but to no avail.

This marks the end all my NetVue devices - 3 outside cameras and the VueBell.
The cameras have all failed when less than 2 years old and have been replaced with a different make.

Good luck guys!

Hi Geoffers,

Thanks for your comments.

Could you please email about your product issue? Our customer support team will better assist you on your device situation.

Thanks again for your patience.

Best Regards,

Thank you but I don’t think there is any point.
You are having a lot of bother with ‘Firmware’ updates at the moment. Why you do not back out these problem updates defeats me. Do you not have a selection of real users that can undertake beta testing for you? You are causing users a great deal of upset whilst you try to change things ‘in the field’.

I no longer have any NetVue gear now and can’t see the need to acquire any. It has all disappeared into the recycling bin having been replaced.