Terrible Scam Company

What an absolute scam. I have never had such a bad experience purchasing anything from anywhere in my whole entire life. I was so excited to give my father the Birdify bird feeder for Christmas but after spending nearly $300 over a month ago I still have not received it. I was never given a tracking number and spent the whole month of December with no knowledge of where my package was or when I might receive it. I was unable to talk to anyone who was able to resolve this issue. I never got an email from netvue providing me with a tracking number or letting me know it was on it’s way or had been delivered. Now netvue is claiming my package was delivered on January 3rd but I did not receive it. I have not seen any photo evidence that it was delivered. I have asked all my neighbors and no one has seen it. I contacted customer support immediately and was given an automated message that someone would contact with me within 48hours. I then got an email telling me the package had been delivered and they could not help me. I feel like I have been robbed. I told a lot of people how excited I was about this gift and will make sure to let every one of them know what a terrible experience this has been. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES

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Hi, there,
Really sorry that you did not receive the camera.
We will issue a full refund to you in this case, I apologize again!