Support is horrible.. Netvue door bell not working

Tried to get help, our support guy “Alan” is an utter moron.


Please can we get help with our door bell. Unit no longer shows in app

Reset unit and router Door bell button functions and unit speaker makes bell sound.

Dear customer,
There isn’t any information of
Is this you account ? And you can delete this device from your app and then add again.

We tried to uninstall and reinstall app. Log back in and it still shows unit offline.

Our email account is

Have you use this device for a long time yet? - WTF response is this? grammatically incorrect and what does it matter.

Not sure the question.

The device has not worked for a while… unsure exact time. We are a kickstarter buyer, so we have owned it for a while

Would you please inform us the 16 digital device id , then we can check, - WTF - they tell you to delete the app - it has the device id in the app… why not ask for that 1st.

We found xxxxxxxxxxxxx and the account is
Have you check this account ? - AGAIN WTF - check what - its my account. What am I checking?
And now this device is offline for a long time. - yes, it broke - again, why does that matter
The wifiNoiseStrength of it is low , would you please take it a little far away from your router ? - WHAT? Move the router away from the unit? No we cant pick the door up and move it, is this kindergarten level support guys?
Hope it can help you. - just hail mary and see what works… no real support

Can you explain.? The account is correct. It is our account
What do you mean have we check this account? What would check?
Yes device is offline and has not worked for a while
The router is same as it has been as long as we owned the unit. It has not moved and worked fine until recently.
This does not help, Why does the device no longer work/?

So we want to check the device id and can’t find any information of ,so we ask you and check ,then we found xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in ,so we confirm with you is the wifi 2.4g or it has been changed on your app? - ? What
And would you please replug this device ? - we already did.

f you and your company, you are complete morons…

we will remove unit and throw it away and buy one from a company that has intelligent people working there to support.

Seriously read your emails and our replies… You are absolutely ridiculous in your emails to us.

Hi friend,

Thanks for your feedback. We are so sorry to hear your experience. We apologize for this unexpected event.

Our Customer Support Team will reach out to provide a better assistance to your device issue. Please feel free to reach out to us here or via if you have any further question.

Hope this helps.

Netvue Marketing Team