Subscription issue

I subscribed to the basic Event video recording subscription. I haven’t received any notifications of people walking through the house. I thought I was to get some sort of text or something.

To get the Human notification, I am required to pay for the Event Video recording which I already have but it is directing me back to purchasing the Event video recording subscription which I already have.

Please shed light into this problem of why I’m not getting notified of movement with the Event Video recording and why I’m being cued to get the subscription I already have.

Hi Annalee,

Thanks for your question.

We have checked for your account information. In our record, your account has been subscribed and also active with Event Video Recording. In order to receive human notification, you will also need to subscribe to the Human Detection feature. Please check out this page - Netvue Protect Plan | Home Security Monitoring Cloud Service – netvue

There are many reasons for not receiving a motion alert with Event Video Recording. Please check out the following article for further information. If your device is still not working properly, please contact our customer support team for further assistance.

Link -

Hope this helps.

Netvue Marketing Team