Stopping live recording shuts app down

I’m recording a live view and when I press the video button to stop the recording my app shuts down and the recording isn’t saved. This feature previously worked.

This is the exact subject I was looking for. Mine is doing the same thing, using the latest iOS app . I already had the Birdfy set up for a couple of weeks which was recording live just fine, and then got a Sentry camera and installed it a couple of days ago. I don’t know if coincidentally that had anything to do with it. I have another Sentry camera coming today that I am installing. I sure hope this glitch gets repaired soon.

Hi, there,
This is a known bug of iOS, and our engineer will fix it soon, if you don’t want to wait, please download the new Netvue APP in Testflight

  1. Download Testflight in the App store.
  2. Open below link and click Join:
    Join the Netvue Next beta - TestFlight - Apple
  3. Open Testflight and search Netvue to download it.


Thank you. I did come to realize what the issue is. It is simply that iOS is having an issue capturing live HD video. It will record and save SD video just fine. Androids do not have that problem apparently. I appreciate you guys getting this repaired so quickly, and I will try the TestFlight version. Thanks again.