SQUIRRELS have found our Birdfy!

Anybody have a surefire way to keep squirrels out of their birdfy cam???

Mix a couple of spoons of chilli powder into bird seed.
It won’t hurt the birds…they can’t taste it but squirrels hate it.

Thanks for the suggestion but they loved hot peppers -that has always worked for me before as well

Yup… I had a big problem with Chipmunks and squirrels… I starting mixing this with the seed (photo attached).
It was a pain mixing up small batches every time, so I bought a large container and it makes it so much easier.
I use latex gloves as well since no matter how well I wash my hands there always seems to be some on my fingers and then in my eyes.

The container…

We use Sizzle N’ Heat in ours and it works!!

I put up a pole in the middle of the yard and put a baffle on it. Success at keeping the squirrels away.

My husband hot-wired the pole after the baffle didn’t stop them.

Try using plain flashing, this is the only thing that actually works, no bells or whistles.