Solid Green Light?

I’m located in the US and am currently using 8 different NetVue cameras and am very proficient at setting them up.

My latest purchase (my third Sentry Pro) won’t connect to wifi or ethernet. I get a SOLID GREEN light. I tried the same ethernet connection/cable with a different camera (Vigil Cam) and it connected instantly.

I tried pushing the reset button on the Sentry Pro (hole located behind memory card cover) and it appears to be an empty hole, with NO button inside?

This is my SECOND Sentry Pro with this problem. I returned the FIRST one, as it had this same issue. Maybe this is a bad batch of Sentry Pros?

Any suggestions on how to get the GREEN LIGHT to blink?

I have tried multiple iPhones for setup.
I have verified I’m on the same wifi network.
I have verified I’m on a 2.4G connection.

  • Kelly


Same problem
With 2 sentry pro

This reset hole is Just a joke

1 month i have this problem and nothing help me

Sentry pro Just dont work

No solution for hard reset them

When solid green Light, they are definitivly dead ?

Please help us, à solution to reset with à program on sd card ? Or else ?

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Hmmmmm… how strange… appears NetView has pulled all “Sentry Pro” models off Amazon?

I have had multiple emails with NetVue. All polite and positive. They’ve had said they are shipping me a NEW replacement camera in 10 to 15 days.:+1:t3:

I had the same problem with mine. I have been dealing with Netvue for past 3 months by email, chat and telephone. All I have received is the run around. After several messages back and forth trying to reboot they finally agreed to replace. Then after I never received new camera they sent email saying I had already been sent one. Which made no sense since they are required to activate. Then they quit replying to emails. Then after contacting by phone it was going to be taken care of, and once again I am being ghosted. I have 9 cameras and was happy with them so decided to upgrade to this model and have had nothing but bad experience with camera and company.

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Hi. I’m in the UK and I have a Vigil.
I looked online for a solution to my constant green light issue.

If you can reset your camera, please follow these instructions and hopefully it might work for you, as it has for me and I do have alerts showing movements. In fact I caught footage of a fox, who visited my back garden.

  1. reset camera to default setting.
  2. Turn your cell phone to airplane mode (different phones have different ways doing this setting (I can only go by my iPhone 12).
  3. move your cell/mobile phone as far away from your WiFi router, until you see the WiFi disconnect, and your own network signal appear.
  4. return to your camera, once your WiFi signal shows again.
  5. turn airplane mode off
  6. follow the installation instructions again.

Good luck guys and please let me know if it worked for you or not.image

I’m dealing with the same problem. Still haven’t received replacement camera.

I ended up sending mine back under Amazon’s return policy. Received full refund.

Last response from Netvue tech support is quoted below —>
Rachel (Netvue)

Nov 12, 2021, 0:11 PST

Dear customer,
Thanks for contacting Netvue Support Team.
Sorry for not responding to your message in time .
We are so sorry for the delay, because there is a problem with the production of our sentry pro products, and all the existing goods have problems. So we can’t replenish you, In order not to delay your time, we will give you a refund.
If you agree to a refund, we will do it in these two days,give you a refund in the background.
If you have any questions, please contact us via live chat.
Best regards
It’s been almost 2 weeks with no refund issued by them. This is why I went the Amazon route.

  • Kelly

Has anyone received their replacement? I’m in the exact same boat, in US. This is my 8th camera and I was about to buy a lot more for my business and moms house. I really hope they come through. I’ve had nothing but great service since I started buying netvue 3 years ago.

I received a REFUND, as they told me they currently have no replacements.