Shared Cameras - Less Control?

I talked my brother-in-law into purchasing a couple Netvue Cams. We are NOW actually sharing a couple cameras on our apps. It’s a GREAT feature… BUT… I don’t think the person viewing your SHARED camera should be able to MOVE/PAN and/or LISTEN/TALK through it… or at least give us the option of turning these features OFF in the shared version.

Thanks MUCH for listening!!

PS: And the ability to turn OFF motion alerts!:grimacing:

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Hi Kelly,

Thanks so much for your product feedback.

You have provided a very thoughtful use case. We will definitely take it into consideration for our next round of app upgrades.

Please feel free to share with us any further ideas.

Netvue Marketing Team

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I really like the idea where they can talk to you like if I’m in the garage and my wife view the camera she’s able to ask me to do something before leaving the house and or in case of emergency they can communicate with you

Hi, does this mean that a shared camera can’t be moved by a third person?
Can I let move and let speak/ear sounds using the same account on different phone at the same time (so without effectively sharing a camera)?
Thanks in advance

Currently… you can control your cameras from multiple devices as long as you are logged into your account on each device. I’m good with that!:+1:t3: What I’d like to see changed is when you “share” a camera with someone with a different account… all you can do is “view” it… instead of the current way of having control over it and receiving alerts from it.