Set start and end times

What time do I need to set the cameras in the motion detection so they will detect motion 24hrs/day? I had them all set where I wanted them, but they just quit working the other day. Should I set them to start and end at the same time or start at 0000and end at 2359?

Hi Friend,

Thanks for your question.

Here are 2 steps we would like to have you double check for us:

  1. When you setup the motion detection timeframe, you should be able to select the start time and end time from one day 12am to the next day 12am to make sure it’s on whole day period.
  2. After you finish the first step, you should also see the “Repeat” button. Please make sure you select all the days within the “Repeat” button so the motion detection will automatically repeat everyday.

Please see the attached images for detailed instruction. Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.

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