Sentry pro Light continue


I have successfully configure my sentry pro yesterday
It was work well

But i do a firmware update, and after this my camera stay offline in netvue app

So i have delete it from netvue app, to re configure it

But now, impossible to configure it, led stay lighting continously

Lan or wifi configuration are impossible

Have try a hole for reset, but there is no button. It s à joke ?

How can i do ?


Please help me

Please help, how can we do a factory reset ?

Hi Friend,

Thanks for posting your question.

Are you able to reset your device at this point? For Sentry Pro, the configuration button is on the 3 in 1 cable that connects with the device. Please take a look at your device carefully and see if you could find it.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.

Netvue Marketing Team


No it s not working

Have try to reset with push, multiple push, or long push, nothing working.

Try too, unplug electrical many times, unplug for 2 days… But nothing

Light stay continue and cannot configure it.

Have sent à request to change this camera to an another.

Hi friend,

Thanks for providing further information.

Please get in touch with our customer support team for further solutions on the product exchange issue. You can reach them via or have an instant message on Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.

Netvue Marketing Team

Hi, mine was the same and like you, the reset button is just a hole, so does nothing. The green light continuous and although there is power to the camera, nothing. No sound, nothing. But the Netvue team was very good and after a brief communication with tier 2 team, they sent me a replacement via Amazon. So far, so good. But it is my 3rd attempt with sentry pro. Longest lasted only 6 weeks. But the static cameras are fantastic, so I’ve also got a new sentry pro 2. Fingers crossed it works for a long while…

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