Sentry Pro camera issue

I’ve just had Sentry Pro installed. The camera does not automatically move when motion is detected. Checked with Netvue and was told that it does not move. What is the purpose of the camera scanning 360deg when it does not follow motion.

Perhaps you were not aware of the specific features of the product. It DOES covers 360°.
I have several. It’s NOT a motion follow camera. It’s a motion detection unit. YOU control the angle and view you desire. I DO want the 360° coverage also, however, I want the control of the view. I’m not sure if there is a motion follow camera available. Besides the fact these cameras being very affordable. I think they’re great. I have 7(ordering more), I can sit in bed and scan 360° at my discretion. The standard angle of view is 180°. Wildlife or evil-doers, will be detected and my phone will be notified, and then, I’ll be following them.
For the price and the simplicity of installation, this is, after a lot of research which I typically do on products I am interested in, this IS the best value, with new features arriving often.
That’s unfortunate you were under the impression that the camera detected and scanned too
Enjoy your product and feel safer.
Thank you
Rich Vasquez.

I checked on Netvue website and their advertising video shows the camera moving effortlessly.
I have since contacted support on number of times and was told a Tier 2 team will be in touch and so far have had no support whatsoever. Knowledge of support team needs to be better.

Hi friend,

Thanks for your question and discussion!

That’s correct - Sentry Pro is not a motion-followed camera. In the Netvue app, you will be able to control the view angle of the Sentry Pro with a 360-degree available view range.

Hope this helps.

Netvue Marketing Team