Sentry pro cam problem

i have 2 sentry pro cam, I did install and the cams only worked for 6 days, after that, the cams did not work, did not connect to wifi, and the mic did not say anything.

the 2 cams are installed in 2 different parts and have the same problem.

i try to contact wit support but I did not receive a response.

I invested in 2 Sentry pro and both does not seem to be doing what it should. I’ve contacted support and went to great length to sort out the issues, but I guess the cameras facilities are poor. Netvue advertised it via their video demo on their website that it pans the surrounding area and keeps your property secure. The cameras are static and does not follow the object either motion or human. Plus it does not alert on human movement despite the setting for human alert is on.
Not happy with the products or the support.

Hi friend,

We apologize for the late response due to the holidays.

Could you please share your device issue with and we will help to check on it?

Hope this helps.

Netvue Marketing Team