Sentry Plus not working with alexa

I just received a sentry plus camera and set it up. It works fine from the netview app but when I try to use it via alexa it says it is not responding. I have 3 other netvue cameras that work fine via alexa.

I notice that unlike the other netvue cameras a “connecting” message displays for the sentry Plus when I open the camera in the netvue app.

Is the sentry plus just not compatible with alexa?

Hi Camra,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Sentry Plus doesn’t support Alexa at this moment. Hope this makes more sense.

Netvue Marketing Team

Really??? If true that Sentry Plus doesn’t work with Alexa, your blurb on the Amazon site for the camera needs to be corrected. It specially says it is great with Alexa. My new cameras are not discoverable.

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