Sentry Plus not Connecting to app

Hello … all of a sudden my new Sentry Plus is not connecting to the app unless I’m on the same network. I have an iPhone on ios 15.3.1. I can connect via Android phone. Attached is the error message I’m receiving on my iPhone.

Apparently this issue is only related to one area. So it can be disregarded.

Yes I’ve been the same since the start and I have 4 Netvue cameras all great working fine so I know it’s not on my end.

I have 2 Sentry Pros and they both stopped communicating. My other 2 Netvue older camers work fine so I think it’s a problem with the new Pros. I contacted support when the first one failed and they sent me another $59 version. Could not get it working either so I gave up…

Hi friend,

Thanks for letting us know that!

We are working on it and solve this problem. We will let you know once it’s done.

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