Sentry Plus live stream timeout

I purchased two Sentry Plus cams on Amazon a few weeks ago. Both cams have the same issue: Live Stream Times out when using the phone app. I’ve had Netvue support working on this for 4 days or so with no success. I’ve tried the cams on two different networks/homes, still get live stream time out. Also, video won’t record to the SD cards for either cam. All apps and firmware are the latest versions. Network is 300mbs Comcast. There are no connection issues and setup (multiple times) went with out a hitch. Both cams send me motion alerts with a still shot,. The only issue I have is neither will send me a live video stream. I have a Sentry Pro that works fine.
Have any of you had this problem with the Sentry Plus cam? I really hate to return the cams, but they are of no use to me with no video. I’m a retired engineer of 42 years in the profession. I don’t like it when I can’t figure out why something computer related doesn’t work.

Ok… it’s been a week now. Netvue support has been no help to this point. In fact, when he gives basic instructions to look at things, he gives me steps to take from what appears to be the Sentry Pro app. I’m not sure he’s ever seen the Sentry Plus GUI. I don’t need basic instructions anyway… I’ve been all over the phone app and can do anything but get a live stream.
Here’s a shot of my phone app for the Sentry Plus. Anyone else’s Sentry Plus GUI look like this (after tapping the gear?)

Sorry for the inconvenience brought.
I have forwarded these issues to our engineers, will get back to you via email within 48 hours.
Kindly remember to check your email


Thank you Very much, Anna!

After 5 months, I still have no resolution to this issue. Second level netvue support advised me to download the Vicohome app and try that. It provided a live stream with no issues other than Vicohome does not support Alexa for the Sentry plus cam. So, as a result, I have to view my Sentry Plus cams (all 5 of them) via Vicohome, and my other Netvue cams via the Netvue app.
I was told from Netvue support, the Netvue app would be fixed and updated to correct the issue with the live stream time-out. After several updates, The Sentry Plus cams still wont provide a live stream via the Netvue app.
Why does Netvue sell a cam that won’t work with the Netvue App? Has anyone else had this problem?

Hi, there,
Sorry for the inconvenience brought.
We have a upgraded APP version named Netvue Next now, could you please try to download the new APP on Apple store or Google play?
Let me know if it works or not.


Thank you Anna for the prompt reply.
Netvue Next provides a live stream ok. Alexa added the cams (I removed 2 from Vicohome and added them to Netvue Next.) Alexa says the cams are not responding, Please check the network connection and power supply. However, both cams work via my phone.
In gaining the Netvue Plus cams via Netvue Next, I’ve lost my Netvue Pro cam. The app crashes and stops when attempting to view via phone. My Orb Minis work fine however.
So to recap:
Netvue Plus cams provide a live stream now, but fail to display via Alexa (fire TV.)
Lost ability to connect to Netvue Pro cam. App crashes and stops.
Orb Minis work ok.

Thanks for your help.

Ok, since you appear to have no answers, I had to re-install my Sentry Pro cam on the original Netvue app to get it working. So I now have to have two different Netvue apps on my phone. Regardless if your software engineers are third party or not, I have lost all confidence in them (or Netvue) providing one package that supports all of your cams. I need ALL cams to be supported via Alexa (as you falsely advertise for the Sentry Plus)… and reliable motion detection notifications. I have spent close to one thousand dollars on your cams… my mistake. Why would I subscribe to your services when the basics don’t work?
I have yet to review any of your cams via social media venues, but when I do, it won’t be pretty.

I use the same Netvue app for both my Sentry and my Birdfy. Maybe uninstall both and reinstall the newest version…?

Julia Hulse (she/her)

Sorry for the late reply.
Could you please try to contact our customer service by live chat or email in Netvue APP, our agent will help you to figure it out.


Hello Anna,
Will Netvue Next allow for the Sentry Plus to continuously record?
Is there any way to get the Sentry Plus to record continuously?
This is a must.


I apologize for any inconvenience caused. Unfortunately, our battery-powered camera does not support continuous recording due to its design aimed at optimizing battery life and certain technical limitations.

At Netvue, we prioritize creating products that provide the best balance between functionality and power efficiency. While continuous recording is not available, our camera offers other valuable features such as motion detection and event-triggered recording, ensuring that important moments are captured while conserving battery life.

We appreciate your understanding and value your feedback. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Best regards,