Sentry Plus HD Problems

I just bought the camera and i cannot switch the video from SD to HD. I wanted HD because SD at night rightfully sucks. It also will not record videos. I have rebooted camera, changed to known working SD cards, uninstalled app. Im at a loss, any help would be appreciated. TIA

Hello, not really much help to you but both my Sentry Plus cameras will select HD and do in fact record fine to the SD cards installed.

How do you view the videos? From the app or by removing the card and watching on a computer?

Earl Wallace

Hello Earl, I view the video’s on either my IPad or phone.

Are they 10 seconds in duration only? Are you able to view the timeline. I have another camera and I can go back in time or live.

Earl Wallace

Yes as you state you can only view any 10 second notifications received, there is no timeline as there is on other Netvue cameras.

I find that sad. Thanks for the info

Earl Wallace


Just for your information Netvue recently changed the recorded clips from 10 secounds to 20.

I like to look at the leadup to the incident. I just got the camera, updated it and was still only 10 seconds.

Earl Wallace

Strange, I received an email from Netvue stating the change from 10 to 20 seconds and on checking that was the case with no intervention from myself ?