Sentry 3 stuck in sleep mode

I set up my outdoor sentry 3 camera yesterday. It was working fine, but i put it in sleep mode last night and now it will not come out of sleep mode. Also when i go to general settings my sleep mode button is gone. I have tried to reset the camera, unplug, re-install, with no luck. Any suggestions on how to get this camera to come out of sleep mode?

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Hi, friend,
Sorry for the inconvenience brought.
Could you please try to delete the camera from your APP and then re-add it one more time?
If it does not work, I will forward it to our engineers for futher help.


I tried to delete it and reinstall in the app but its still stuck in sleep mode and i still do not have the sleep mode button in the app.

Thank you for your reply.
Our engineer has fixed this problem, your camera should start working now.
Please let me know if it is working or not.


Good Evening,
did you solve the issue?
I’m facing the same