Sentry 3 proble

Firstly Hello,

I had a new Sentry 3 delivered and Im having issues connecting the Wifi,

My router is 5ghz and I know the Sentry 3 is 2.4ghz,

The Sentry is making a repetitive noise every second

Could anyone give me a walk through please my heads hurting thinking about it anymore

Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply.
May i ask which step are you having trouble with?
Did you hear sad tone or cheerfull when you connect it to wifi?
You can contact your internet service provider to create a WiFi name for the 2.4g
If you have another 2.4G WiFi or mobile device hotspot, please use another WiFi or hotspot and re-try one more time.

Below is the steps of hotspot connection:

  1. Here we need 2 phones. Open the hot spot on Phone A. Use phone B to connect the hot spot and open Netvue. Tab + icon to add the device on phone B. (let the camera connected to the hotspot wifi)

  2. If you add the device successfully, Open the App–Click the gear icon to enter the device setting-choose General–Select wifi setting–Here you can configure the device by using your home wifi.