Saving video recording from SD file to iPhone

Just got my Birdfly for Christmas. Seems to be a very touchy device, having to reconnect a lot.
I have a San Disk 128g SD card. I’m trying to copy an event from my SD file to my iPhone. Instructions say to press button and when it turns red it is copying. What button? The blue one at the bottom does nothing, as if it is disabled. No button appears anywhere else, not in the margins of the video.
Tried just tapping around on various spots within the video while it was playing and it randomly stopped the video, showing me only a still shot of that moment in the video, nothing else on the screen, black above and below, and from then on the app was frozen. I had to just close the app and go back in.
Where is the button I am supposed to be pressing to copy the video from the SD card to my iPhone?