Saving to SD card

I have purchased & installed a new 128 GB SD card and formatted it. When I save videos or snapshots, they always save to the local album on my phone. Nothing is saved to the SD CARD. I have scoured the Netvue site for instructions to no avail. How do I save to the SD card??


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SD is for saving video when your camera captures the motion and auto records it. And you mention ‘when I save videos or snapshots’ did you mean you download it? If you download the existing videos or pics on the cloud it will save them to your phone.

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That will need to be done through your phone settings. Open app settings and set default save path to micro sd. Default path for netview app is set to “phone dcim internal storage”. Also by changing this save path is the only way to convert netviews ntv file to mp4 without have to run programs or write code