Red light going to blue

Can some one explain why the camera goes red to blue and the camera moves please. I am the only only that views it but when I’ve been in the house this has happened. Does that mean that someone else is accessing it and viewing through it.


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Hi friend,

So sorry for the late response.

When your device is upgrading firmware or auto-restarting, the light might be changing like this, as your described.

You will be the only person who can access your device. No one else have the access.

Hope this helps.

Netvue Marketing Team

My cameras all have a blue light and it’s constant. I don’t like it. It makes the night vision dark and not as bright as it was when there was NO light. Please fix this.

Update- The status light button somehow switched to the on position on all my cameras; Im guessing with the last update. I was able to turn it off and now there is no blue light showing.