Problem staying connected to wifi

I’ve had my Birdfy feeder since mid February when I received it as a birthday present. It had worked great until 2 weeks ago. It keeps losing wifi. At first, it stayed connected when I pressed the button on the camera for about a week. The next time I had a hard time getting it to reconnect. Every time I reconnect now, it loses wifi again within 10 minutes or less. I have reset my network. I removed my camera from my account and reapplied it. I pushed the reset button with a pin. Nothing helps. The camera is not working.

I have a similar problem in that I loose my WIFI connection with every rain storm. I found that the real problem was that I lost power from the solar cell to the camera because water :sweat_drops: kept getting into the connector. I’m pretty close to asking Netvue for help making the connection waterproof!