Problem sharing saved videos in iCloud shared albums

Hi all,
I’ve collected a few videos now from my Birdfy and happy with them (although it would be nice if we could record a bit longer perhaps) . When I click the download - save to my photo album on my iPhone X it works fine and I can view these.
However, when I try to share them to a shared album - they do appear in the shared album BUT after a few seconds the videos start disappearing! This doesn’t happen with videos taken on my phone.
They DO show on my iPad under ‘recent activity’ so the videos must be being saved via iCloud so I can not understand why it would delete them.
Anyone else tried this successfully (or not) please?
Many thanks in advance,

Hi Gene,

Thanks for sharing your question.

We have checked on your issue. It seems like it is not something that we could control. This issue might be due to Apple’s iCloud setting. Please get in touch with them and see if there is a potential solution.

Hope this helps.

Netvue Marketing Team


Actually - no it is still not working - the videos delete themselves from the shared album. No idea why but it doesn’t happen when sharing other videos to a shared album. I will try to contact Apple and see what they say.