Privacy, That's it

Recently, many brands have burst out staggering data breach scandals. Netvue has always paid attention to privacy protection.

Privacy on Products
Enable Sleep Mode to remotely turn off your camera, it will automatically rotate the lens into the camera housing to ensure that privacy will not be recored. Your privacy is always under protection.

Privacy Protection

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Based on AWS
AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the most reliable platform with highly reliable performance and global node distribution.
Netvue cloud is the centerpiece of Netvue’s IoT (Internet of Things) products to make it possible for you to enjoy a connected, real-time home security monitoring system and management experience. It’s structured upon Amazon’s AWS (Amazon Web Services) with highly reliable performance and global node distribution to ensure a quick, stable, and safe data storage and access.

Data Security
We value the safety and privacy of your data as much as you do. Netvue Cloud Platform is deployed in the worlds largest and most well-known US cloud service provider, Amazon Web Services, to ensure highly reliable and scalable data storage performance Your Data is safely encrypted and stored on the Cloud and only your personal account can access them. Your Privacy is in good hands.