Pausing during playback and speed of playback

I know, I know … you can’t believe this is why we got the cameras.

My wife gets VERY UPSET when she finds dog pee on the floor in the morning. We have a few dogs. And she wants to know which dog is doing it. (I don’t know why it matters so much … how is she going to stop it? But she is my wife and what she wants, she sometimes gets.)

When we see it, we start watching the video in the cloud and on the SD card. It plays at normal speed (can that be changed?). If we get up to get a drink or something, we have to carry our phones with us because we cannot find a way to pause during playback. Is there a way?


We apologize for any inconvenience, but currently, we do not have the option to change the playback speed. However, you can pause the playback by tapping the video page.

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