Orb cam cannot read initial QR code

Orb camera will not “read” the QR code no matter what I do. In proper lighting, in dark. With a screen protector, without a screen protector. With blue light filter both on & off. Brightness up, down and in the middle. I have erased the device and re-installed it. This device worked fine until one night it just stopped connecting to wifi (2.4 GHZ). Then the camera would never again “read” the QR code.

Is there another way to reestablish an internet connection to get this camera to work? I’ve tried everything under my control to fix this ridiculous problem.

Hi @IrishNYer,

Thanks for your feedback.

Could you please try enter your device ID manually. You could find detailed instruction in the following image.

Hope this is helpful.

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The problem is not to scan the device or put in it’s code. When I am connecting my orb to my router the QR code that must be generated and scanned in order for the cam to successfully connect to my wifi.

Hi Irish,

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It is a little bit unclear of your device situation. Could you please provide some images/videos to help us better understand what has been going on so we could provide better assistance?

We appreciate your patience.

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Holy bananas…There are no images or video. I will explain it in more detail. I will start with step 1.

Plug in camera
Download app
Create user name and password
Add device
Scan QR code on device to generate another QR code which the camera lens (of the orb camera) must visually scan in order to successfully connect to the internet to start viewing the live video feed.

It is here that the problem lies.
The QR code that I have on the screen of my phone that the orb cam is suppose to scan is not being scanned by the orb camera.
The green light stays flashing.

Hi Irish,

So sorry for the misunderstanding and confusion. And thanks for providing more details of your situation.

Could you please adjust the angle and the distance of your device and make sure there is no strong light around the camera and your phone when you do the scan? Please try again and let us know if everything starts to work.

Meanwhile, if you have any further question, please do not hesitate to reach out to support@netvue.com for better assistance.

Thanks again for your patience.

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I appreciate the assistance, but I am curious, did you not read all of which I have written? In my first statement I clearly stated all the ways I made sure to have it in the most ideal locations under ideal situations?

I have the same exact issue. It does not seem like he read anything you posted. I set one up for my ma and it worked easily
And quickly. Of course when I try my own I get stuck at the same step you have and have tried the same things you have without any results.

How do I connect my camera without the code? It didn’t come with one And I’m worried I spent the money for a camera I can’t even connect to.