Only 3-5 seconds of recording

Netvue Vigal, firmware 1575. I only get 3-5 seconds of recording even though there may be continuous movement in camera range. I need to see what these people are doing in my yard and the video keeps cutting off!

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This is probably due to the cool down period of the motion detection feature.

Cooldown period means that if the camera triggers on a motion event, and there are other several motions following in a very short time , the camera will have a cooldown and won’t trigger and record other events to the Cloud for 5 minutes.

The 5 minutes cooldown period is designed to avoid receiving constant notifications, you could still check all the missed motions by reviewing your CVR history.

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Yeh I’m the same here 10 secs total with about 5secs black screen

It’s not due to the cool down. It does not even complete the recording of the current activity going on if it lasts longer then 3 seconds!