OnePlus Android / Sound issues

When either microphone or sounds to phone speaker or sounds to external speakers occur, then Netvue App crashes.

I’m listening to music. I don’t want sounds to speakers, so when sounds are denied the app crashes.

App should function as vision only.

Thanks :blush:

Hi Mr Bee,

Thanks for your feedback. I’ve told Android developers about this problem.

Before we get a response, please try the following steps:

  1. Restart Netvue app, and see if this problem still exist, if so,
  2. Restart your phone, and see if this problem still exist, if so,
  3. Reinstall Netvue App.

If this problem still exist, please reply this post.

Have a good day :blush:

Of course I’ve done all that!
Also if phone is connected to Bluetooth whilst trying to do playback the app freezes.
Yea I’m a great fault finder…
But… Having so many different devices and issues my life is taken up by having to report them all.
That’s another issue why life is tremendously difficult right now because tech is too troublesome.
I’m so bad myself that because of technology that I had to give up work and now within the next few days I’m having to get others to look after my finances because technology has destroyed my abilities to live a normal life like the rest.

If you think I hate technology you’d be wrong but we were never designed to have this amount and embrace it . It’s making people very ill.

You’ll all learn soon enough!