Omg what is happening

I cannot believe you NetView! what have you done? I have just ordered 40 cameras😱 I updated one of my existing cameras with the new firmware and updated one device to the new update. now every single camera has failed I hope there is a quick fix to this before I return them all. after being with you a few years now this is very disappointing It will cost you many many customers.
Anyone have a solution apart from moving to a different brand?

I am having same issue its nuts in very upset is there anything you did to fix issue all they keep havong me do is reset wifi over n over its crazy and definitely not working

I was in the middle of online chat and everything came back on without doing anything, so I presume they had a problem there end.I trust yours is up and running again now if not have a word in the chat as they were very helpful.

Nope they still cut in and out I’m so upset. People buy cameras for a reason lol definitely not to not be able to use them. Im so glad yours are working again

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After 2 months of trying to fix the mess, found out here that I am not alone. Until this time it is not working with all the fix suggestions of the technicians. Good I have other cameras from other company that work so good. Very very disappointed!