Notifications triggered by trivial "events"


Even with sensitivity turned to practically none, all of my Orb cameras trigger motion detection notifications for what I regard as trivial events.

For example, a tiny cloud passing over the sun causes a flash of less than half a second, yet the camera assumes that to be motion.

This needs fixing.

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Same problem here. I have two of their outdoor cameras, a Vigil and a Vigil 2, and both of them will trigger over trivial changes in lighting, or a moth flying past the camera, etc. Both are set to lowest sensitivity. I’ve basically had to disable alerts because I am tired of getting pinged every few minutes.

Support replied, to the effect that motion detection doesn’t distinguish between look light changes or object motion, meaning that they spectacularly missed the point. Ho hum…

They suggested subscribing to the Human Detection service. My response is too lengthy to detail here but the essence was ”So you want me to pay extra for a feature which your competitors handle as a basic, built-in feature? No thanks!”

No surprise there… that seems to be a trend from their “support” staff… SD cards not working, just subscribe to the cloud service. Motion detection not working, just pay more for human detection.

Honestly the ONLY thing these guys have going for them is that they’re inexpensive and relatively easy to setup. Still might end up switching to something more reliable…