Notifications have disappeared

Where have all my prior notifications gone? I’ve had hundreds every day, and this morning there are none, on any day. I can view the videos on the Rewind feature, but that’s not nearly as convenient as looking at the pics and list on the Notifications button. Under Notifications, when I click on a day, there are no pics and only a blank page with “No notification” on it, whereas as recently as yesterday there were literally hundreds of pics in the list of notifications. Did I do something inadvertently to delete them all?? How can I get them back? Using the Rewind feature is next to useless and I don’t like it.

I’m having the same issue today. I even walk up to the camera, can see myself live, but there are no notifications or pictures- nothing.

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Same issue for me :frowning:

Hi, there,
Sorry for the late reply.
Could you please check if you could see those notifications in APP by tapping the bell button like below? There are 2 different situations"

Situation A; If there are notifications but they did not alert your phone, please go to camera’s setting >More>motion alert, and make sure this option is enabled, choose all motions in the setting of Motion alert filter

Situation B: If there is no notification there, camera can’t detect any movement, please go to camera’s setting>Motion detection, make sure the option is enabled and set the detection sensitivity to High.

Please let me know if it works or not.

Hi Anna,

Thanks for your reply to my inquiry. My issue is not either of those situations. I’m receiving notifications just fine.

The problem is, after a few days, the list of notifications disappears from the “bell” (notifications) button. Here is a screenshot to show you what I mean.

The picture on the left is what the notifications looked like for February 1.

A few days later, I went back to February 1, and the picture on the right shows what I saw, “no notification.” Why have they disappeared?

I’ve had this feeder since January 8, and only have notifications for the past few days, when I know that there were hundreds of notifications each day for most of those days.

Why do they disappear?

I realize I can use the “rewind” button but it’s really cumbersome and not as user-friendly as the “bell” notifications button.


Charlene McFee