Notifications do not open app

A long time ago notifications were broken and a fix was rolled out. But even since then notifications close when you click on them, rather than opening to the video recording inside the app.

When I open the app, all my notifications are dismissed and I have to hunt them down across 5 cameras. So I don’t check notifications as much anymore.

I’m using Android 12 on Samsung Galaxy s20+

I have cleared storage and cache.

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Update: while it opens the alert in the app now. The play video button is disabled, while share and download buttons work. Which makes no sense and I’m debating giving up.

Guess I’ll tech support myself.

You have to go to Settings and find Apps

Search for Netvue and select that

Scroll down to Appear on top

Turn that On

Otherwise the Netvue app might never open. Unless you just restarted your phone or don’t use other apps.

No other apps I’m using that open with their notifications have that ‘on top’ setting.

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Thank you very much.
I had the same problem, and i did not know an app can has the function deactivated.